Prop maker

Props give atmosphere to a play, provide illusion to a film and sometimes form an important part of the story. We translate images into props/requirements.

We specialize in old school prop making, knowing all about sourcing and scouting out stuff. Think of paper and plaster, glass and clay, cotton candy and wood.

We have a can-do attitude and are experienced in a wide range of mediums, often inspired by the natural world. The Laboratoire currently favors papier maché for its versatility and accessibility.

If you need edible props (delicious dirt, candy glass, edible bird’s nest), noiseless props (silent cellophane, quiet trench coats, inaudible ice cubes), soft props (harmless sticks and bricks) or fake weather (imitation snow and lookalike rain), reach out to the Laboratoire.

We do no 3D-printing, no CNC, no laser sintering! Not every tool is a hammer ^..^

Requisite /ˈrek.wɪ.zɪt/

  1. (theater) A prop, a property. [from 19th c.]
  2. (obsolete) Something that is requisite. [16th – 19th c.]